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About Us

We started our company right here in Pensacola. We have been successful for many reasons.

  1. Our bagels are made from scratch with no added oils, fats, or artificial flavorings.
  2. We use 100% red hard spring wheat flour. This is high protein, enriched flour that is NEVER bleached and NEVER bromated. Bleach is a common additive that is used to lighten darker flour. Bromate is used to give low quality flour extra rise. It has also been found to induce cancer and is banned in many countries as well as the state of California.
  3. We use the finest quality meats and cheeses with NO artificial colors, flavors, growth hormones, by-products, cereals, or fillers; you get just what you order and nothing else.
  4. Our coffee is roasted in house using fair trade sustainably grown 100% arabica beans.

Though all of these products cost significantly more than competitive products, their quality has been a big part of our success. We would not want to serve you, our Bagelheads Family, anything less.

Bagelheads also supports our local community through bagel donations to charitable events and at the end of each day, all left over bagels are donated to local food banks.

Thank you for your continued support!