Feeding your head with the freshest menu for 25 years

Image of the outside of Bagelheads in Pensacola FL.

It all started in 1998

with our team of OG Bagelheads

We dreamt of delicious doughs that felt good to eat. None of those dirty additives, artificial flavorings or by-products welcomed. We quickly found other Bagelheads, just like us, who wanted quality bites in a casual spot too.

Just like that, the original Bagelheads joint in Pensacola was born.

Over the next quarter decade, we evolved just enough to keep up with the times - without losing the authenticity that makes Bagelheads the best local digs for breakfast and lunch. We’ve kept the same recipes, same food, same customers and a lot of the same employees, while adding modern options that make us more accessible to you.

Local love

We love being
a part of the
Pensacola community.

As you know, we use only the best ingredients in our bites. We wouldn’t want to serve you – our sweet Bagelheads Family – anything less. Our locals mean everything to us.

We support our community through bagel donations to charitable events, and at the end of each day, all leftover bagels are donated to local food banks. When you feed your head, you’re supporting our community too.


Our bagels are made from scratch. No added oils, fats, or artificial flavorings.

We use 100% red hard spring wheat flour - a high-protein, enriched flour that is NEVER bleached and NEVER bromated. (Bleach is a common additive used to lighten darker flour. Bromate is used to give low quality flour extra rise and has been found to induce cancer. It’s banned in a number of countries, the state of California, and at Bagelheads.)
We use the finest quality meats and cheeses with NO artificial colors, flavors, growth hormones, by-products, cereals, or fillers. You get just what you order and nothing else.
Our coffee is roasted in-house using fair trade, sustainably-grown, 100% arabica beans.

Who we are

The best bagel and coffee joint in Pensacola