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“This history of the bagel” - Bagel Facts Edition

The first recorded bagel in history takes us all the way back to Poland in the year 1610. The Polish city Krakow actually dictated that bagels were to be given as gifts to women after childbirth, because bagels were believed to have magical powers. We’re not kidding. The round bagel shape was said to bring good luck and symbolize a long life. We concur.

In the 1920s, bagels were then brought to the United States by emigrants – who we are so grateful for.

Surveys reveal that the Everything bagel is the #1 most loved bagel in the world.

Turns out, that delicious mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion and salt tops the charts. (Try Bagelheads’ Everything bagel! You’ll see why it’s #1.) Earning their spots after the Everything bagel are the Sesame bagel in 2nd place, Cinnamon Raisin bagel in 3rd place, Poppyseed bagel in 4th place, and Pumpernickel bagel in 5th place.

the world’s largest bagel weighed 868 pounds.

Winning a Guinness World Record in August of 2004!

Another bagel to make history was a 213-pound salmon with lox bagel. This massive Everything bagel was topped with 30 pounds of smoked salmon and 40 pounds of cream cheese, along with onions, capers and tomatoes. Check out these pics!

In the same survey, Grubhub revealed that regular cream cheese is America’s favorite bagel topping

followed by bacon, avocado, american cheese, and butter. At Bagelheads, we have 7 different flavored cream cheeses and 10 different bagel toppings! Check them out.

It's true!

In 2008, Astronaut Greg Chamitoff boarded Discovery Space Shuttle for a 14-day flight into space – along with 18 bagels from his aunt’s shop, Fairmount. Bagels are far out.

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